Why buy a French Press?

In the course of my day I usually get the question, “So Big D, ( I like to call myself Big D sometimes) what do you think the average coffee geek or wanna be home barista see as the best brewing method for coffee?” I smile and remember my very first French Press I purchased from Starbucks. Then I say, “Buy a French Press“. Then I tell them to buy a bag of Darrin’s Coffee!

A French Press. Is it the best way to brew coffee?

When you’re first learning about coffee, part of the enjoyment is learning about the history behind the various forms of brewing equipment, even the infamous Cowboy Coffee. (Beans, Hot Water, a Rock and a Dirty Sock… TRUE STORY! )

cowboy coffee the original french press way to make coffee

The first coffee press, which may have been made in France, was essentially a metal or cheesecloth screen fitted to a rod that users would press into a pot of boiling water. That process would ultimately extract the natural wonderful flavors that exist in premium, gourmet or better yet, specialty coffee beans.

When my very first, (good batch) of fresh roasted coffee was ready to be guzzled, I took the time to enjoy the coffee in my Bodum French Press. Not too many pots of coffee after that, my decanter cracked. Dude. Talk about a bad taste in your mouth. It was my third pot. After going through the frustration, I made it a point to own a French Press that wouldn’t break.

Why THIS French Press?

This 16 ounce French Press is a superior piece of brewing gear (coffee geek speak) that will brew several pots again and again. My other suggestion would be to go for the Stainless Steel French Press.

Pretty good deal if you ask me… I’m just sayin’.



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