I had a pretty cool Earth Day 2016. I got the chance to throw a bunch of coffee grounds on a great big mound of dandelions. Dandelions have some good uses, my 94y/o grandmother used to pick them and make some awesome greens. I’ve found a few good recipes, but if I can ever get my mom to publish her cookbook, the dandelion green recipe will be out there for the masses. It’s funny how we overlook the useful value in some of the strangest places. Everything on the face of the Earth has some bit of value to provide

I was perusing the proverbial world wide web when I just so happened to stumble upon an article that discussed how an environmentally focused energy company,  bio-bean®, has discover and monetize a  solution to create a carbon neutral  fuel using guess what? Coffee. The sense of irony is hilarious to say the least. We did have a rather significant event over 200 years ago that involved our, the American’s use of coffee as an alternative to tea.  First the UK opens the world’s first coffee cup recycling plant, and now they’re finding a way to further reduce the carbon footprint of coffee! Before you tune me out, let me tell you about bio-bean®. Taken from their website:

“bio-bean® is the first company in the world to industrialise the process of recycling waste coffee grounds into advanced biofuels and biochemicals. bio-bean works within the existing energy and waste infrastructure, developing sustainable products and solutions to displace conventional fuels and chemicals.”

More than a mouthful, this clean energy company has engineered an innovative way, other than dumping the grounds on your tomatoes, blueberries or Queen Anne Roses, to use coffee ground waste into clean burning fuel. Again with the irony.  Coffee gets to burn as clean fuel. Twice. Now imagine if one were to drink a double espresso, whilst riding a a bicycle that powered a backup battery for a home that is primarily run on bio-bean®.

Arthur Kay, the company’s founder has established the WORLD’S FIRST WASTE COFFEE RECYCLING FACTORY!!! I think that’s pretty cool .What I find even cooler are the supporters of this company the likes of Innovate UK, The World Bank and were fortunate enough to win Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Award.

If you were to ask my opinion as a “coffee-preneur”, bio-bean®  is a company that looks like they are “brewing up” a cup for sustainable business. (Hope that didn’t come off as too corny) But seriously, I’m glad that companies like bio-bean® are finding use for things that others would see as waste. I think that would make my grandmother smile. I’m just sayin’. bio-bean® #poweredbycoffee, look it up.




My Granny

My Granny


BTW, I have plenty of grounds that I’ll be more than happy to share at any time!