Today I made a delivery to a brand new customer, Basically Buttercream at 729 Green Street in Brownsburg! A pretty cool customer of mine, Kevin, mentioned to me that there was the opportunity to meet a nice couple that had/have a catering/chef on call/wedding cake and pastry business. And oh yeah, they’re opening a restaurant and they might need some of the best coffee this side of the Western Hemisphere!

Best Coffee Shop in Indiana


Man, gettin’ some love!



I reached out to Shannon, I was super nervous, this was my first referral to a potential customer in Brownsburg. A couple of days later, her husband Jason, a chef, stopped in to the shop. He wanted a sample. So I offered him an Americano.

  • Coffee can be a pretty competitive place, sometimes a foot in the door is all you get, so where a pretty tough pair of steel toed shoes.
  • These guys are just opening, if the coffee flops, that’s one more stressor that a grand opening, just doesn’t need!
  • They make killer cakes, cupcakes and what looks like a bomb diggity lunch menu. Again, I need to bring the heat with the coffee, I have to keep up, not that I worry about it, I really care about what I do, and I want that to show.

Corny right?

So I make his drink in a Nerds Rule cup I picked up at the local Dollar Tree, and I make my drink in my Unicorn and Rainbows cup I picked up at the exact same store.

Jason from Basically Buttercream drink his Americano from a cup like this Darrin from Darrin's Coffee Drink his Americano from a cup like this

Jason took a few sips out of the Americano and he said, ” I like it.”

Well, that’s how it happened. I took a little video when I went for my first visit and when I went to their website, I saw a Supergirl birthday cake!. Mrs. D is all about Wonder Woman, after all of the sweets that I saw, the French Toast and Blueberry Muffin’s I think that Basically Buttercream will be alright.

Stop in and grab some sweets, a quick breakfast on the go and guess what else? Yup you guessed it, Darrin’s Coffee!

I’m just sayin’.