This is an update. We ain’t going nowhere.

We’re the best coffee roaster to our fans for a reason.

Times can be hard in the world of entrepreneurship. But there’s a reason that I do this thing. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m built like that and I know that we can continue to be the best coffee roaster in Indiana. Third Wave Coffee in particular can be a difficult place to survive, our customers are the reason why Darrin’s Coffee brings great coffee to the party. We don’t necessarily roll with traditional Third Wave Coffee Culture, but you know what? Our espresso is great, and we can tell you why. What’s the difference between Fair Trade Coffee and Direct Trade Coffee. We can tell you about the meaning of artisan coffee, the value in knowing an artisan coffee roaster, the evolution of coffee and make you feel at home. Always.

This ain’t your run of the mill espresso factory, churning out drink after drink. And this ain’t the place to get a pour over. Great coffee doesn’t have to be pretentious to be good. You know why? I believe that as the best coffee roaster in Indiana, “Everyone deserves to drink great coffee”. Always.


We get love from customers in Brownsburg, Indianapolis, Bucharest, London… Worldwide!