Made with Taiwan Coffee or Taiwanese?

“A cup of coffee can be turned into two T-shirts”. Made in Taiwan, nonetheless.

That statement was made by Jason Chen, Founder of Singtex. Singtex is another company that’s found a very resourceful way of using coffee grounds. They’ve patented S.Cafe fabric nanotechnology and was the world’s first mill to produce this eco-friendly textile. I wrote about a company in an earlier post that’s found a way to convert coffee grounds to energy. Coffee grounds. Wow.

coff ground fabri

Source AFP

Remember the stamp, “Made in Taiwan”, you could almost predict with certainty that the product would be cheap, lack innovation and seen as just… Meh. Not the case with Singtex. And with investment by the Taiwanese government, things are looking a bit more… MAN!! I really want a Singtex t-shirt.

T-shirt made from coffee ground soon to be at Darri Coff Zion Cler Ind Cof Roast

Source: Singtex PR

I have to give “big-ups” to my buddies at Starbucks, they give between 600 to 900lbs a month in used coffee grounds and converts old Pike Place Roast into fabric. (I wish I could give them used Yirgacheffe, IMAGINE THAT!) They say that caffeine is useful to get the synapses in the brain firing, sipping on a latte at “Big Green” gave Chen the inspiration. He asked himself the question that I’m often asked, “ Wonder what they do with those coffee grounds.”

Cof grou fabri singtex

Source: Singtex PR


According to the company website, they also  produce a material made from coffee oil that keeps clothing waterproof while letting it breathe. Could give 3M a big run for their money. With all of this innovation going on across the globe with used coffee, I find it a bit disconcerting that the only uses that we can find for used coffee grounds is fertilizer. Frankly, I think that is fertilizer… Of the horse and bull kind…

Bullsh coff darr mandi

I’m just sayin…


Part of source material obtained from interview with Taipei Times