I’m looking for a “different” space for our team meeting, Darrin, any ideas?

Tons, well maybe not tons, but a fairly large number of people ask the question, “Do you rent your space?”. Usually they have the often dreaded yet inevitable team meeting idea somewhere in the back of their mind. We’ve all heard about the REALLY uncomfortable trust fall. Who wants to be the guy that nobody catches. Talk about pressure! Aye caramba. The team meeting.

trust fall at team building team meeting at darrins coffee

Back to the lingering question… The answer is YES! The management team at Family Community Connections quickly realized after stopping in for a Peanut Butter Mocha that hey, an excellent opportunity to bring all of their team together, statewide I might add, could be at the lil ol’ coffee shop that could… But I digress. There’s something just a little more “special” about an event at Darrin’s Coffee. Ultimately, Family Community Connections had an amazing, productive scavenger hunt, some great coffee and most importantly, why the best team meeting space in the Indianapolis area is at a nondescript, gray concrete building just east of Brownsburg on Crawfordsville Road!


Just in case you’re in the dark as to what is the team meeting. Here’s an explanation to the uninitiated. Companies with engaged work forces perform better. Try team building exercises to re-energize the staff and improve communication. This exercise helps to get to know your coworkers better, encourages group participation and can be a great environment for management to help roll out, refocus and recharge the direction of the company. I’ve been to some good some bad. I spied in a few times, this seemed like the good kind. I heard the mention of the book, “Good to Great”, always a good sign. I’m a FISH guy myself



What makes Darrin’s Coffee so special to host a team meeting? fast wifi at darrins coffee team meeting


Family Community Connections decided to have their team building activity Darrin’s Coffee. In the Brownsburg there is a burgeoning co-working space that was opened with support from the Brownsburg Economic Development Department. The Brownsburg space is called the Productivity Zone. It’s still in the works, and the word is that the soon to open space plans to be a source for workshops, client meetings or just a general place to collaborate. That is an excellent benefit to the Brownsburg small business community. But this post isn’t about the Productivity Zone, this is about a viable option for a low cost meeting space, the capabilities of a kitchen, barista and some pretty boss player internet (fast wireless and Ethernet).


Not just a team meeting, the occasional networking group meets here as well.


As of now the ladies networking meeting, Focus Indy holds their monthly meeting the Best Coffee Shop AND now what can be considered as the best low cost option for meeting, a relaxing environment for team building functions, or that “funky eclectic” atmosphere that’s just plain cool. All the amenities that you’d expect at a REAL AUTHENTIC COFFEE SHOP, yet still has the infrastructure to get the job done!

After the Family Community Connections team wrapped up, they informed me that their Christmas Party is going to be at Darrin’s Coffee. That should speak VOLUMES to you. Check out the quick video from their team meeting below.