1. Something different.

Local coffee houses provide a variety of products, services, and experiences right in the local community. Many of these are “one-of-a-kind” businesses that provide your community with its own character. (Not any old non-fat sugar free vanilla latte, i.e. “skinny”. You know who you are! And its okay, you can ask for a medium!!!) The more people shop there, the opportunity to carry and offer new products and services will be there for both you AND the business. Studies have shown that the “local” coffee shop is a good marker for a strong or a community that’s “up and coming”.

Have you ever been to Tin Comet Coffee down on 10th Street? They have an awesome drink called the “John Wayne”. And there is only one place you can get the MT Nasty made with Almond milk. Yup, that’d be Darrin’s Coffee in Zionsville(Ask any of the Darrin’s Coffee family about the story of MT Nasty. The dude that’s so cool, he LITERALLY has a drink after him!) Additionally, I know I can attest personally that there are a number of different single-origin coffee’s that you probably won’t find ANYWHERE in Indiana.

2. Knowledge and passion.

When you purchase coffee from a local or micro roaster these individuals are quite knowledgeable and will not be offended when you ask particular questions about their coffee. Again, I can’t attest to other coffee companies or roasters, however, I CAN attest that you’re going to have an ABSOLUTE AMAZING experience when you show up to have a “cuppa” joe at Darrin’s Coffee.

3. It’s REALLY COOL. (well most of the time)

Micro roasted coffee is different from large batch roasted coffee. Why? Usually, it’s because the roaster has hand-picked the beans for the roast, and doing so most of the time, supports small sustainable growing practices. Hopefully, the coffee that you purchase will be direct trade coffee that is “bird-friendly“. (I spoke about that in a previous post.) When you walk in the door at Darrin’s Coffee, you’ll see coffee beans in the big burlap sacks. RIGHT THERE!!!

Local coffee is green, adds variety and dollars to your local economy and tastes. In this economy where every dollar counts, make your dollar count.  Did you know that if every family spent a mere $10.00 a month locally, roughly $9.3 billion would be added to the local economy? Basically a little bit goes A VERY long way.

So in short. Buy locally, think globally. I’m just sayin’.



Uncle Sam wants you to buy local! small1