There’s something nice about summer. Maybe it’s the sun or nice weather, I’m sure it’s both. Summer makes us all want to get out. But then you have mornings like today. Man alive! It was coming down this morning! Like Noah and the flood action. You were probably thinking, “I wish I could have some Darrin’s Coffee this morning. But boy, the rain is just TOO much!”  For a while, I’ve been talking about starting a delivery to all of the businesses in the village. If it seems to work out, I think expanding the delivery out a bit further could be an option. Well starting Monday, July 14th, EVERY DAY, between the hours of 8am and 1:30pm, Darrin’s Coffee will be delivering! Yup coffee delivery baby. Right in Zionsville.



Darrin's Coffee Delivers



To have coffee delivered to you and make your day about a bazillion times better than it was before, just follow these easy steps:

1.) Stop in to see any of us at Darrin’s Coffee, any time we’re here, and purchase one of our drink cards (they’re a REALLY good deal); we’ll keep it on file.

2.) Call us on a delivery day, starting at 7 a.m. when the shop opens, and order your coffee. Orders must be placed by the end of the half hour period preceding your delivery time. For 8 a.m. delivery, coffee must be ordered no later than 7:30 a.m. For 8:30, order must be placed by 8 a.m. Get it? I know you do.

Example: You’re in your office at 7:20 and staring at the clock, waiting for your 9 a.m. break, thinking you won’t survive without coffee until then. You pick up the phone and call Darrin’s Coffee at 317-733-2932, and tell us what you are in need of to continue your survival. We charge the drink to your pre-purchased drink card (did I mention they’re a REALLY good deal?), and ask you what half hour you would like this delivered, and inform you that the next delivery time available is 8:00. This sounds awesome to you, so you say “YES PLEASE.” Around 8ish, one of the cool cats from the Darrin’s Coffee crew, shows up with your order and a receipt to tell you many drinks you have  left on your pre-purchased drink card (did I mention they are a REEEEEAAAALLY good deal), so that you can keep track.

It’s just that easy? Any questions? Probably not. Coffee delivery. In Zionsville. I’m just sayin’.




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