When I decided to open up Darrin’s Coffee, I never wanted to have, dare I say a nerdy coffee shop that delivered some really great drinks but made the customer feel like a moron. Going to a coffee shop to get a cup of Joe, shouldn’t feel degrading. But I get the customer that has a genuine love for the science of coffee as well; it’s where life in the coffee world is now.

I don’t want you to don’t come into the store looking for a lesson. I believe that what customers want, for the most part, is to be served tasty coffee in a way that makes them feel good about themselves. I think that helps make a great customer experience

I think that’s why for the first few months I opened I had no real menu in the shop. And I think that, subconsciously, is why I just brew one type of coffee a day. I have customers come in and ask for a dark roast, or a mild roast and more often than not, I’ll only have a solid single origin coffee brewed up that day. And you know what? They all walk away smiling. Well. Maybe `

I wanted something a bit different, I have a ton of pictures, each one tells a story that we’re able to have a great discussion with a customer, maybe learn a few things about a customer that we’d never expect. I’ve been pleasantly surprised about a few different conversations that have occurred over a copy of Ebony or Jet Magazine.`

I honestly believe that if we, the Darrin’s Coffee Co. family, create a customer service experience that makes getting coffee just as casual and fun as grabbing a drink at your local bar, without the liquor and all of the smoke, can make for a pretty fantastic customer experience. I think that stopping in to the shop and hanging out should be that comfortable place that you can have a quick little hang out, or a nice conversation. We just aren’t that place to grab a sandwich or a meal.  However, we want you to say, “During my last visit to Zionsville, we stopped in to the nicest little coffee shop, they roasted their own beans, and it was the best coffee shop we’ve ever been. This is absolutely one of my favorite coffee shops, from some of my favorite people in coffee.”

Ultimately, Darrin’s Coffee isn’t a gorgeously, ornately designed place, with a state-of-the-art under-the-counter espresso machine, and the beautiful where you stop in to soak up the aesthetics. Never wanted to be about all that.  But, know that when you stop in to Darrin’s Coffee at 120 S. Main St, you’re going to come in looking for a cup of coffee, and you’ll walk away a customer for life. I’m just sayin’.