I figured I would spend a little bit of time this post to tell you about some of Darrin’s Coffee’s drinks. There’s a method to my madness. Hopes this explains a bit as to why we have these particular drinks on the menu.

The Grasshopper

The first of the drinks that are on the menu is “The Grasshopper”. When I was putting together my menu, Mrs. Darrin’s Coffee told me that I needed to have a signature drink. At first, I wasn’t all the way clear as to what that meant, but, eventually I figured it out. So, I went into the lab and I emerged with “The Grasshopper”. “The Grasshopper”, is made from green coffee (coffee that is low grown and very lightly roasted, just enough to be grind-able), chocolate and vanilla. It’s been said that green coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which recent studies have shown to aid in weight loss. Not sure how much, Dr. Oz seems to think a bunch. At any rate, “The Grasshopper” Reminds you of a chocolate malt. Pretty fantastic. Even better iced. By the way, unlike the alcohol based grasshopper drink, this doesn’t have any mint. Kind of think that would mess up a good thing,


Nutella Latte

One of our baristas, Roja Diabla, meet her and you’ll get why she has that name. Apparently she has an obsession with Nutella. I found this out in one of the strangest of ways. Long story, but when you stop in and say hey, ask Roja about dubstep. Anyway, personally, I’d never tried Nutella. But after a conversation with said Roja, I was inspired to roll out a Nutella latte. Thought it’d be pretty cool. Apparently Nutella and coffee go together like “ham” and “burger”.(That’s a reference from the movie Friday to the uninitiated) Rich and lightly sweet, with a hazelnuttish finish, the Nutella latte will keep you coming back for more. And yes, we can do it iced. And again yes, we can blend it up and make a frappe, a killer frappe. There are a number variations of Nutella based drinks that are hanging out there in cyberspace. Ours just happens to be the best.


MT Nasty

The last of the drinks that I’m going to talk about in this post is the MT Nasty. It was pretty cold this winter. No, it was SUPER-FRIGGINLY AMAZINGLY HELLISH COLD this winter. We had a customer that would trudge down to Darrin’s Coffee every day without fail. He would order the exact same drink, an Iced Dirty Chai. He would tell me that actually because it was so cold out, the drink warmed him up. Kind of made sense to me. In a separate conversation, I was preparing for the Yelp Black Magic Bash.  I told MT Nasty that I was going to be at the event, he said, “I’m dj’ing at that same event.” I had to do a double-take! He told me his DJ name was DJ MT Nasty. And you know what? He’s dope. The dirty chai is a chai latte with two shots of espresso added to the drink. I’ve been told that it reminds you of a coffee flavored milkshake. Mrs. D  gets it with almond milk, and guess what? We made the recommendation to DJ MT Nasty, and that’s his NEW favorite drink. What is it about Mrs. Darrin’s Coffee and making people love new stuff? Who’dve thunk it?? Anyway, the MT Nasty can be made as a frappe, with whipped cream. Killer.


Hope this gives you some insight on some of the drinks that we offer. I assure you, they’re all fantastic. But don’t take my word for it. I’m a bit biased. Come check us out!