Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe. Isn’t that what they say to the bride to be before every wedding right? The summer starts off with the Summer Solstice, Juneteenth, and again, weddings right? June in short, is about something new.

I signed the lease to the location of my store which is 120 S Main in Zionsville, on my birthday, June 19th. Let’s just say, June is a pretty good month for Darrin Marion, owner of Darrin’s Coffee (well, not really the owner, that’s Allie, she just lets everybody else hang around). I really kicked off the K-Cups that I am offering about a week ago. So, I guess, it’s pretty much June.

As we get ready to move on the next year of Darrin’s Coffee at this space, I look forward to something new. And, as we move forward. I want to make sure we keep upping our level of service, and to keep our customers in love with what brought them to us in the first place.



K-Cups of Mandingo Warrior is something new

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