Today I went to visit Tin Comet Coffee. I like going to Tin Comet for a number of reasons. But, primarily I stop by for a visit, its to see all of the positive things a brew.  The MIT Media Lab project “You are here“, is a study that tracks “Positive Markers”. One of the positive markers the project measures is that of the Independent Coffee Shop. The website states:

“Independent coffee shops are positive markers of a living community. They function as social spaces, urban offices, and places to see the world go by. Communities are often formed by having spaces in which people can have casual interactions, and local and walkable coffee shops create those conditions, not only in the coffee shop themselves, but on the sidewalks around them. We use maps to know where these coffee shop communities exist and where, by placing new coffee shops, we can help form them.”

When I visit, I see all types of people, all kinds of characters and personalities. I recall around Valentines Day, upon walking in the store, I was summarily serenaded by a gentleman named, “Spaceship Groggy“. Strange. But, refreshing. Positive.

Tin Comet was recently the place where “The Kings of Indy”, had a meet and greet of readers of the column written by Robert King.  An article titled, “Kings of Indy: Coffee, with a double shot of community”, talks about all of the positive things that are occurring with this coffee shop. Yup, a positive marker.

I found out about the positive marker correlation in an article that pointed out all of the risks of gentrification that come with the neighborhood independent coffee shop. How the young hipsters took over, and ultimately well … The writers all spoke about how this positive marker, ultimately was negative for another. That’s usually how gentrification works out. There always is a winner, And there always is a loser. But my experience has shown me that the coffee shop positive marker, doesn’t have to be about gentrification, it can just be something, place or idea that makes people feel good.

I started working in coffee because I was looking for a positive change in my life, and you know what? Even after, I may have been in some not so positive situations, or had people believe some not so positive things about me, true or false, just not positive.  None of that means a thing, this is my positive marker.