So what is “The Grindery”?

The Grindery, an urban co-work organization that helps entrepreneurs imagine and develop the vision for the success of their business is kicking off a fundraising campaign aimed at subsidizing the renovation of their future home in the Northwest Neighborhood. The organization plans to utilize the funds to complete a transformation on an existing space located along the MLK business corridor. Once complete, the building will become an urban co-working facility where entrepreneurs can utilize the space offering computers, a conference room and administrative support. Business owners can also receive support through lending and mentorship resources as well as classes and workshops.

What was The Grindery doing at Darrin’s Coffee on a Saturday night?

The Grindery’s Pitch Fest was allowed entrepreneurs that completed the first group of classes. The classes were in the month of June, part of the Grindery’s Business Booster Series.The classes that these budding entrepreneurs attended were:

  • Entrepreneurship 101 & Defining Your Idea
  • Building a Business Plan & Building a Business Network
  • Financial Basics & Presenting Your Idea
  • Funding Your Idea & Marketing Your Idea

As a black entrepreneur, it felt great to be an example of a business that works, and is a viable business that is overlooked by many. I mean who really knows about roasting coffee and running the #1 Coffee Shop in Indianapolis!

I was able to share something that I share with EVERY new employee that comes aboard. It’s how I set the service level commitment that is the culture at Darrin’s Coffee. I send my employees to Wal-Mart, Target and Nordstrom. I tell them to shop for a t-shirt and a pair of tennis shoes. (The word “sneaker” sounds kind of corny) I tell them to document their experience. Of course when they come back, the experience at Nordstrom, a company known for its excellent service was the one that gave them that “warm fuzzy”. I then tell them. “We are Nordstrom.” I love sharing that story.

The Pitch Fest was a fantastic event. Hope you enjoy the videography, I know the guy that did the camera work… He’s a pretty cool cat. 😉

My goal is to be a hub in the area for various activities like that.

the grindery darrin's coffee business hub

Darrin’s Coffee isn’t the “traditional” coffee shop. Yes you can come and listen to music, have a pastry or sandwich with a pretty awesome drink. But what’s really different, what sets this place apart is that we have the fastest Wi-Fi network in Clermont. We rent server space, so the small companies, the one man shops are able to take advantage of low cost data backup solution. We have virtual fax and phone numbers for rent. We have a high speed multifunction copier/scanner/printer. We are a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency. We roast our own coffee. And most important, we’re cool.

I look forward to hosting more events like the Pitch Fest. I’m just sayin’.