My nephew, Frank, is a cool little dude in Cub Scouts. The Cub Scouts make a promise to always do their best. It’s that time of year, and the Scouts are offering gourmet popcorn for sale. Frank has a goal in mind, if he hits that goal, his mom and dad will get him the rifle BB gun that he’s always wanted. If you can visualize something, there’s a good chance that what you visualize will most likely happen. If he ever plans on hitting that goal he has to do a couple of things. First, believe that it will happen, which I’m pretty sure he has covered. And second, is to keep that Cub Scout promise, and do his best.

I’ve been listening to this audio book called “Think and Ballout”, it’s about how our thoughts affect our circumstances, either positive or negative. All told from a Hip-hop perspective. Kenyatta Griggs, the author a/k/a the Hip Hop Barbara Walters, believes that if you speak with love, people will hear your love. I thought about my nephew Frank. How does a Hip Hop book about “Ballin” relate to Frank the Cub Scout selling popcorn? Frank has some serious positive thoughts about his goal is to get that rifle BB gun. Hey the kid is honest.

Take a look at his sales pitch, Frank would make Kenyatta proud. Then make sure to click on the link above the video, because Frank is on a mission. His “Think and Ballout” mission is to get a BB gun. And like a good Cub Scout, he’s going to do his best.


Help Frank “Ballout”!!