Zionsville is full of gems.

It’s common knowledge that Zionsville is known for it’s great schools, family atmosphere, and overall general great place to liveness (a word I just made up). I go to Speedway gas station like a maniac. Honestly, think that I go there more than I roast coffee. (Yeah, let’s call that my February resolution.) I usually stop by on my last run to Marsh for milk, or to just say hi.  I used to see this guy, I later found out his name is Joe, drinking a cup of coffee while he was loading up a station wagon with a couple of propane tanks and a 5 gallon can. Sometimes, I’d even see him pulling the wagon on 334 headed back toward downtown Zionsville. I’d offer him a ride whenever I saw him, he’d always politely decline.

This day, it had to be 25 degrees out. I stood by my truck and shouted to him, “Say bro, God won’t let me leave this gas station without giving you a ride.” He laughed, and we threw his wagon in the bed of the truck and headed off.

The first thing I said was, “Dude, you need to come try out my coffee. I haven some of the best coffee at my shop in downtown Zionsville.” Yeah said that before I even asked his name. Chuckle. He told me his name was Joe. I dropped him off at his trailers; he has two, and told him if he ever needed any help, to come down, hang out and drink some coffee.

A couple of weeks ago, Joe started to come down to the shop. He’s a pretty funny guy that’s lived life. He told me that if were to write a movie, he’d be able to write a comedy, a tragedy, a horror movie and a drama. We both had a pretty good laugh at that one. We have a similar sense of humor, quirky and dry.

Yesterday, he mentioned to me that he takes pictures with whatever type of camera he can get his hands on. Joe told me about how he took a picture of a deer that was hanging out behind his house with his smart television. I told him that sounded a lot like a fisherman’s tale. Later that afternoon, he showed up with an envelope full of pictures. He pulled out some of the most beautiful photos that I’d ever seen.

Yup. Joe is one of Zionsville’s gems. A diamond in the rough. I’m just sayin’.





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