Sometimes we forget.


Maybe I should begin to carry personalized kids coffee mugs. I know actual coffee for kids is nuts, but hear me out. A few months ago a little girl came in with the best smile, while trying to act shy at the same time. I called her “Little One”. She reminds me of my daughter, Allie. The cutie pie with the pigtails and the shy smile that reminded me of my little one is Kyra.

Allie tries to act shy around other people, but when she’s around folks she knows, we see Allie come out and the world gets to know her. At home, Allie is constantly beating up on me and my son Ian, my son never really complains until she goes a little “too” hard. Then I step in, right or wrong, it’s my opinion that little girls need “special handling” when it comes to conflict resolution. The last thing they should get accustomed to is someone shouting at them. We are charged with teaching them what wisdom is and how a wise person resolves conflict. I believe that wisdom is in Proverbs, a book in the Old Testament in the Bible.

Coffee for kids. Or something like that…


Kyra had come in with Grandma one day, made my heart hurt. I found out the “Little One” was having a string of bad days in school. Thank God for grandmothers, now THEY, make the world go around. My heart was relieved when grandma was adamant about teaching wisdom. I smiled when grandma resorted where? Yup, Proverbs. “Little One” looked so sad. Grandma had the situation completely under control. few weeks later, “Little One” turned it around. As a matter of fact, she ended the year winning. Even though she’s not mine, I’m still proud. The day grandma came in with news of “Little One’s” great behavior, my heart soared. I made her the BIGGEST AND BADDEST CHOCOLATE MILK that I could conceive, the whipped cream towered at least 9inches high. My Allie, a fan of all things chocolate, whipped cream and sweet would’ve been proud.

I believe all children are gifts and like us adults, they want to feel happy, they want to feel accomplished, accepted, be heard and acknowledged and most important of all, they want to feel loved.  Kyra received a gift card to Darrin’s Coffee from Grandma for her 7th birthday. I went to get some decorations, but had to leave the store before I could pay! Shortly after I made it back to the shop, the crew came to sing Ms. Kyra birthday wishes. Guess what Grandma gave Ms. Kyra for her birthday, a pretty cool children’s bible. I asked what was her, “Little One’s”, favorite part, she smiled and said Proverbs.

I’ve considered coffee mug crafts for kids. Maybe even a whole day.


I’m not a birthday, holiday or gift person in the least! But Mrs. D, my wonderful wife a kindergarten teacher helped me to understand why we have to make a big deal of events, because it’s the child’s first impression and because they’re learning common customs, the things that hold our society together, from us. We help them to learn, communicate and understand. When kids go places, they should feel just as welcome as the adults.

I am so very blessed and honored that I got to sing happy birthday to “Little One”, may she have many more ahead! People assume that a coffee shop is only for grown-ups, I disagree. A coffee shop, Darrin’s Coffee is for everyone. Man, I really love working in this coffee shop, it’s cool. I’m just sayin’.