The Specialty Coffee Culture.

Let’s face it; there are coffee shops and coffee micro-roasters popping up all over the place. Every business out there is trying to make a buck by taking advantage of the “coffee craze”, trust me, I know, personally. They all are trying to do one thing. Make a cup of coffee. And even less are out there to make a good cup of coffee. And even fewer still are able to make a great cup of coffee. There are many ways to define a great coffee shop. They may call a coffee shop a sexy name (coffee bar), use funky brewing contraptions (Chemex, Aeropress, Vacuum Siphon Pots) and even sell special names of coffee. Fact is; coffee is second to water as the most consumed beverage in the world. Knowing that, there are going to be a number of options out there. There are a number of places that sell “Specialty Coffee“.

specialty coffee cuppingDarrin’s Coffee is about bringing you more than just coffee. We’re out to bring you something special, let me explain what I mean.

We’re living in the age of Specialty Coffee, you may even hear it called “Third Wave“. That designation means a few things. One, it means that the quality of coffee that we’re exposed to as a whole, has gotten better, A LOT better. But that also means that like anything, there will be factors that distinguish a special coffee from a “Specialty Coffee“. Darrin’s Coffee deals only in the latter.

What makes Specialty Coffee so “Special”?

There’s a measure that’s used to grade coffee called a “Q” score. It’s a measure of the varying degrees of quality of the bean that’s offered. A coffee can be qualified as “Specialty” with a “Q” score from 80 up to 100. With 100 being the highest and 80 being the lowest.  A “Q” score of 90- 100 is considered “Outstanding”. A score of 85-89.99 is considered “Excellent”. And a score of 80-84.99 is considered “Very Good”. As you can see, that’s a wide variation in quality in order for a bean to still be qualified as a “Specialty” quality bean.Specialty Coffee Grading

The very first bean that I roasted had a “Q” score of 97. I figured if I was going to try my hand at roasting, then I might as well start with the best. And a coffee with a rating of 97 was the best that was available to me at that time. The “lowest” Q score rated coffee that we have in inventory has a Q score of 87. If you’re buying a bean from a roaster, ask them to give you an honest answer of their coffee’s Q score. Well, if you want to know what you’re buying.  And if you’re reading this, I’m sure you do.


The Darrin’s Specialty Coffee Difference

When you’re buying from Darrin’s Coffee, you’re literally buying some of the best coffee in the world. And when we say that, “Everyone Deserves to Drink Great Coffee”, you understand what that means. It means that Darrin’s Coffee literally is great coffee.