Entrepreneurship with Bulletproof Coffee

I’m considered an entrepreneur. Surprise right? Sometimes people like me, entrepreneurs, sacrifice things like sleep (very easy to do when you sell caffeine for a living), time with family and most importantly health. Why did I say health is more than important than family? Well, if I ain’t here, alive and kicking, then I can’t be here playing kickball with the kids. Get it? Got it? Good. So needless to say, the health of this particular entrepreneur is of the utmost importance. The new wave in the entrepreneur role are drinking something called Bulletproof Coffee. It has it’s roots in fresh roasted coffee beans.

So what is Bulletproof Coffee anyway?!?

dave asprey bulletproof radio bulletproof coffee bulletproof coffee darrin marion

A while ago, I picked up a great habit from a really good friend. I am usually very busy, and this friend, is a voracious listener. He listens to books about any and everything. Well not EVERYTHING. Let’s say if it’s about personal development and growth, he’s on it. Enter Dave Asprey His podcast is fantastic, I love the recent one that addresses keeping our Man and Lady Parts Safe.

It appealed to the “nerd” in me, Daniel DeBaun, smart dude.  I Where did that come from? So in the course of my podcast listening, Dave’s name has come across my ears increasingly in the past few months. So, I finally listen. Dave is an entrepreneur that has “bio-hacked” his health.

A key component is Bulletproof Coffee.

According to his website, The Bulletproof Executive, “Dave lost 100 pounds without counting calories or excessive exercise, used techniques to upgrade his brain by more than 20 IQ points, and lowered his biological age while learning to sleep more efficiently in less time.” Now, my interest is peaked. Not only does he say he has better health, he touts that now, he is a better dad, husband and a better entrepreneur. Not sure if my IQ could go any higher. It’s up there dude.

So, I check out his website. He created, or shall I say brought to the masses, something called bulletproof coffee. Whoa. Coffee? Bulletproof? Not to put on my “coffee-dude” hat, but caffeine increases metabolism, reduces the risk of stroke and cuts the risk of mouth and throat cancer by 50%. (R.I.P. Tony Gwynn)  Now of course, I have coffee. So I checked as to what I need to make my own bulletproof coffee.

Apparently, Dave says, “…look for coffee houses that offer single-origin coffee and do not rely on blends for most of their offerings.  (Preferably before you go to any other Indiana Coffee Roasters, you holler at ya’ boy Darrin Marion at Darrin’s Coffee!!) Also check for other markers of quality coffee, such as coffee houses that fresh roast their own beans, or hire large numbers of people with tattoos and piercings.” Now, that sounds a heckuva lot like Darrin’s Coffee, have you seen my tattoos? And I have barista’s that are adding tattoo’s ALL of the time. Major coffee cred. I’m just sayin’. Just make sure the people there treat you like you’re a person learning about coffee, the minute you get a hard time, do an about face, and push on to another coffee shop or coffee roaster!

OK, I get it… But how do I make my coffee bulletproof?

bulletproof coffee made with fresh roasted single origin

In a previous post, I wrote about the high quality coffee that I offer, it’s good, pretty sure it’s the best out there His site also says that you that you need a wet processed coffee. Boom. I have the first part down pat. Now on to making bulletproof coffee. You’ll need the following



  • Prepare the coffee, scaling the recipe up to suit your needs.
  • Pour hot coffee into a blender. Add the grass-fed butter and coconut oil, plus any extras like spices or sweetener if preferred.
  • Blend for 30 seconds until frothy and creamy (use caution when using a blender with hot liquids).
  • Enjoy.

Darrin… You and bulletproof coffee should make a great team!!!

Sounds easy right? So, I am putting this out there. I plan on trying this bulletproof coffee thing with really good single-origin fresh roasted coffee, if it worked for Dave, and a ton of others, it could very well work for me. I’ll make you a deal, this soon to be “Healthy Entrepreneur” will keep you up to date! For the most part up unto this point, it’s been pretty successful. (In part partially due to Kevin Koonce. He makes SOME BOMB BUTTER!)

Make Bulletproof Coffee. (With Darrin’s Coffee)