Being a child of the 80’s there are several things I remember. One of those things being the push to Buy American. I remember the movie Gung Ho. That movie showed that as American’s we realized that we could find a happy medium with working with foreign corporations, and re-engaging with our ability to manufacture a QUALITY product. Pretty good movie.

I own(ed) a few different coffee roasters.  ALL of them are American made. From the cast iron skillet to my sample roaster. I HAVE LITERALLY roasted coffee in all of my American made roasters 24 hours straight, with no issues, and each roast is consistent. I decided to “take a leap of faith” and purchase a roaster that I found on eBay. The brand of the roaster is called Roaster’s Choice.  The company that manufactures this roaster is called Amazon Coffee, a Chinese company. I’ve always had reservations about purchasing a product so key to the health of my business from another country; I just love American Made stuff. It just seems to work. You know?

At this point in the story you’re probably thinking I’m going to give this roaster a great review. Oh no, it’s quite the opposite. This product was so poorly constructed I was glad that I had experience in putting out fires, literally. I do have to say this, after making complaints to eBay, the company, and repeated phone calls and emails to the importer, I finally received this response from the importer; “Send it back to me so I can inspect it, and I’ll determine how to proceed. At your cost of course. “

Oh yeah, it’s been a four month ordeal. According to the company’s page there is a 7 day turn around. It just so happened that I received my roaster 3 days after my eBay protection expired. Well past the 45 days that eBay protects you from unscrupulous sellers. Oh well, eBay can’t protect everyone.

I talk to home roasters that are looking for products that will give them a great experience, because it’s always good to ask someone’s experience when purchasing a product. In this instance I wish I coulda’ asked someone. So home roasters if you ask me about this roaster, I’m going to tell you, before you throw a few thousand out the window, buy American. There are low cost American roasters that are most certainly going to be a more efficient use of your time and money.


So I had to ship it back at my own expense. With no refund. A cheap way to validate what I already knew.