Direct Trade Coffee??

Yes, I said it. Direct Trade. Direct Trade Coffee is what we coffee roasters call a coffee is purchased outside of the normal middlemen or import channels that are in place. Direct Trade Coffee purchasing behavior allows for a more open communication process between the coffee roaster and the grower. The term Direct Trade Coffee has no real “formal” definition, primarily due to lack of a formal certification process, like in the Fair Trade Certification process.

What is Fair Trade Coffee?

The Fair Trade Coffee Certification was the result of a price fixing scheme after the International Coffee Agreement of in 1988 resulted in an oversupply of coffee which caused coffee price to drop significantly. The International Coffee Agreement  was signed in 1962 with the intent of establishing quotas for 42 coffee producing countries worldwide. After coffee prices plummeted the Fair Trade Organization was created to limit entrants into the marketplace, thus artificially reducing the coffee supply on the market.

Direct Trade Coffee

Who benefits from Direct Trade Coffee?

Actually a number of people benefit from the shortening of the coffee sourcing process. The most important person to benefit from buying direct trade coffee is the consumer! Whenever the supply chain is shortened, the consumer is able to recieve  a fresher product, a reduction in prices due to a shortened supply chain, and of course the coffee drinker knows that when they bought that fresh roasted coffee online from Darrin, the funds paid for that coffee went directly to the farm.