Dry Processing Method

The dry processing method is also known as unwashed or natural coffee processing method. It is the oldest method of processing coffee. In the dry process the entire coffee cherry is picked and then placed in the sun to dry on tables and cherries are usually sorted and cleaned in the sunlight using a large sieve.

The coffee cherries are usually placed out in the sun on large concrete slabs or on waist high trestles  As the cherries dry they are either raked or turned by hand, to ensure even drying and to prevent mildew. Any twigs and leaves or any unwanted cherries or other material for the top of the coffee to later be swept off during the sorting process.

Any unwanted cherries or the material could be picked up from the top of the safe either one large concrete or brick raked all turned by hand to ensure even drying. Machine drying  is sometimes used as it can help to speed up the dry processing method. It can take up to four weeks before the cherries are ready depending on the humidity.