Coffee acidity bothers me, why?

It never fails. I meet someone that has been in to the shop for the first time. After I’ve asked them what is there favorite type of coffee, they say, “I used to drink all kinds, but I have a problem with coffee acidity“. Well, I understand. And I hope that this gives some guidance to those coffee drinkers.

Those who call themselves “coffee snobbery” equate acidity in coffee as the bright sensation that is indicative “Specialty Grade” coffee from dare I say, “Office Coffee”. (Though, I provide coffee in bulk for several small offices, feel free to reach out to me if you’re interested!) More often than not, lower grown coffees are “low priced”, and they are the coffee that is palatable at best to the masses.

Is there a resistance to coffee acidity based on age?coffee acidity

Particularly as of late, I speak to A LOT of people that were able to digest high acid coffee when younger make it clear that based on their doctors advice, that unless they wanted to give up coffee completely, they’d need to find a lower acid coffee to drink. To me, in lieu of testing out pH levels, I try to let my body act as a guide to let me know if something isn’t what it should be, however, fortunately, there are other ways to determine the acidity of a type of coffee.

Generally speaking, a longer roasting process does an OKAY job of reducing coffee acidity.That is a reduction, not overall elimination. But more often than not, the coffee is roasted past its optimal profile which results in a “burnt” taste that is synomous with name of a competitor of mine. There are some very good lower grown coffees that are naturally low in acidity which have been cured and roasted at their optimal level. I often use the cooking a steak dinner with a salad all in the same skillet analogy. It makes sense that the salad could’ve absolutely been made with the finest salad ingredients on Earth, but that salad can’t possibly be fried to the same temperature of a Filet Mignon. It’s going to taste horrible.

How can coffee acidity be managed?


When I drink coffee on an empty stomach it has the propensity to increase acidity in my system. So to reduce coffee acidity, I try to eat a grounding breakfast with some fruit, protein, and whole grains. Of course Bulletproof Coffee with Coconut Oil is going to do a fantastic job of helping beat coffee acidity. In a pinch, I eat a serving of the Umpqua Oats, Mostly Sunny. Low in sugar. It’s really good stuff.

Choosing a milk-based espresso drink like a latte or cappuccino is another great way to enjoy a little coffee without irritating a sensitive stomach. Unless you’re lactose intolerant like myself, then we’d have to look at the coffee that you’re drinking, and come up with a great solution.

At Darrin’s Coffee, the blend that has the lowest acidic content is Mandingo Warrior. And yup. It’s pretty fantastic. No take that back. It’s AMAZING. Now that you understand what causes coffee acidity, you can drink your cup with confidence.



Mandingo Warrior