Ludwig Roselius

Ludwig Roselius was a man of many dichotomies. A lover of the arts, too liberal for the Nazi party, with an application twice declined. Also commercialized the decaffeination processing of coffee.

Ludwig was a German coffee merchant and founder of the company KAFFEE HAG

Although not the first to take caffeine out of coffee beans, something done by others previously, Roselius became a leading figure in promoting the process and marketing decaffeinated coffee as a new product.

Ludwig Roselius filed for a patent in 1906. The Roselius process that was patented included the use of steam and chemical solvents initially. Roselius found out that caffeine can be removed from coffee by treating the green beans with chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents. After the solvents are removed, then the beans are roasted as usual.

Kaffee HAG represented a major innovation using German engineering and food. Initially, the process was belived to be healthy. Now, unfortunately, the coffee innovation used Methylene Chloride, which is also used as a paint thinner.

Now Caffe Hag is a worldwide brand of decaffeinated coffee. The brand originated in Bremen in Germany in 1906 and took its name from the company title Kaffee Handels-Aktien-Gesellschaft, or Kaffee HAG for short.