Methylene Chloride – Cancer with a touch of decaf.

Methylene Chloride is the chemical used to make coffee decaffeinated through the direct solvent methodMethylene Chloride is a chemical that causes cancer in animals and is regulated as a cancer-causing substance in the workplace. Because it forms carbon monoxide in the body, the chemical can increase angina (chest pains) and can cause other heart symptoms in workers who have heart disease. This chemical is also is used in the direct solvent method, also known as the Roselius method to decaffeinate coffee.


Is the Decaf Coffee worth the risk?

According to a caffeine content study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, an 8oz brewed decaffeinated coffee has about the same amount, if not a touch under a comparable sized cup of bottled tea. The range of caffeine in that cup of Joe is between 2-12mg. The amount of caffeine in a regular cup of coffee is anywhere between 95-200mg, a sizable difference.

But the Methylene Chloride… A pretty big trade off indeed. I think I would just drink a glass of water.