Are the specialty coffee beans I buy online certified organic?

If you’re looking to buy specialty organic coffee beans online, I know a great place. (Smile) But seriously, there are certain standards that exist for a farmer to sell certified organic coffee beans. At the onset, over 90 percent of the coffee has to be grown the “organic” way. Coffee farmers pay for the inspection that results in the organic seal of approval. The farmers absolutely cannot use most massed produced fertilizers and pesticides and more often than not are “bird friendly

Is organic coffee bean generally good for the environment??Organic Coffee Beans

Coffee farming began as all organic, of course. But as farming all over the world has changed, the use of chemicals increased substantially. However, today’s coffee buyer is a bit more discerning and health conscious. The customer demands their coffee to be as free from chemicals as possible. Oddly enough, farming practices used to grow Organic Certified coffee beans are a great boost for the environment.

Are organic coffee beans more expensive?

Costs are always passed on to the end user. Organic Certification can be very expensive, and a family-owned coffee plantation is often organic by necessity. At one time the Haitian Blue Mountain Coffee I roast was the same way. I proudly roast, ship and sell organic, sustainable Haitian Coffee… Upon request of course.

Organic coffee can be a bit more expensive, but the peace of mind that comes from great tasting coffee that is even better for the land makes that extra price you pay for buying your organic bag of coffee worthwhile. Ahh, the sweet taste of organic  sustainability, there’s nothing like it.

Haiti was once the number one coffee producer in the world, but a string of bad government officials, weather and poverty drastically devastated their number one agricultural export. But enough about Haitian Blue Mountain. Good stuff.

It’s a matter of trust.

Ultimately, it is a matter of trust to ensure the coffee actually was inspected by a representative from the Organic certification body. Like any true migration and acceptance of a practice is dependent on how resolved the end user, the online coffee buyer
, demands a product be certified organic, there are a number of benefits that as an industry exist. Here is a video featuring some of the benefits of organic coffee beans.