I have a coffee blend I do named Soccer Mom. Though most people think it’s a funny name (yeah I know it’s cute), it comes from the link women have with coffee in America. In 1670, Boston’s Dorothy Jones was the first licensed coffee brewer in the America’s. She was given this license, and subsequently started selling brewed coffee.

Dorothy sold coffee because her husband, Morgan Jones, spent a great deal of time travelling. She needed to make money, she sold coffee.

Often we think about the Boston Tea Party, but what about the Coffee Party of Boston lead by Abigail Adams? This is the letter she wrote to her husband the second President of the United States, John Adams.

“There is a great scarcity of sugar and coffee, articles which the female part of the state is very loath to give up, especially whilst they consider the great scarcity occasioned by the merchants having secreted a large quantity. It is rumored that an eminent stingy merchant, who is a bachelor, had a hogshead of coffee in his store, which he refused to sell under 6 shillings per pound.

“A number of females—some say a hundred, some say more—assembled with a cart and trunk, marched down to the warehouse, and demanded the keys.

“Upon his finding no quarter, he delivered the keys, and they then opened the warehouse, hoisted out the coffee themselves, put it into a trunk, and drove off. A large concourse of men stood amazed, silent spectators of the whole transaction.”

So in short, this group of ladies, badly in need of their latte’s, stormed the shop keepers store and took the coffee by force. Soccer Mom’s of the time, made sure they had their coffee to keep their day ‘a goin…

Soccer Mom’s. They make the world go round. Here’s to you Dorothy Jones. Here’s to you.