Nothing but The Best Coffee for Mom.

Now more than ever both mom’s and dad’s work at least five days a week. Let’s face it, out of all of the people in the house the hardest working is mom. After a week of running everywhere, Saturday mornings should be the one for mom. But usually soccer, basketball or lessons get in the way. There are other brands of coffee out there, but the third blend I created was the one dedicated to the mom.

When you come to get the best coffee for mom… Do me a small favor.the best coffee for mom


Sometimes I try to be a little bit romantic, so when roasting some of the Soccer Mom Coffee Blend, I had a quick down period. So however corny this may sound out loud, remember that I wrote this poem with my wife in mind. She was the original Soccer Mom. Though for the past 5 years she has been the, “Can you run to Sam’s Club please mom?”. So I hope you kinda understand who was the ultimate lover of this blend of coffee.I didn’t name the blend after her, behind her back choose to name Tiffany’s Vanilla after her, I had a good laugh.I still giggle just a tiny bit when I recall her face. It was classic Tiffany. So here you go, and the name of the poem is “The Best Coffee for Mom”

The Best Coffee for Mom

Once upon a midnight dreary

A soccer mom was very weary

A fellow mom mentioned a brew

From a “coffee guy” who was fairly new

He had a blend named for guess who?

Soccer Mom- The coffee for women with stuff to do!!!!!


-Darrin a/k/a the “Silly One”

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