Best coffee shop commandments, at least a good start.


I just finished reading through a bunch of our Yelp, Facebook and Google reviews. I really like that Darrin’s Coffee is building a name based on GREAT SERVICE. Eventually, I’d like to be one of those companies that MBA students use as a Case Study for one of their capstone classes. Yes I’m ambitious, but when you’re an entrepreneur you have to shoot high. I believe that we will be known for the best coffee company or best coffee shop in Indiana because of the Five Commandments of Darrin’s Coffee. I know they’ll be tweaked, but this is the framework that’s brought us to this point. Look at #3, that’ll explain how the tweaks will happen.


Even though it’s a commandment, it can still be positive!


  1. Thou shalt provide stellar customer service: It should go without saying, but just in case it hasn’t, let me say this… WE LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS. But service is a little more than saying “Please” and “Thank you”. Stellar customer service means asking, THE NEXT question. As an example, whenever a customer asks for a cup of coffee, even though I believe the coffee is pretty darn good, should be… “Would you like to add any flavor to that? Or, “Do you take milk and would you like that milk steamed?” Because take my word for it, steamed milk in your coffee is pretty good.


  1. Honor thy word: If we offer a deal or discount through the AWESOME rewards program we use and the deal just so happens to have recently expired, or we were short an ingredient that somehow slipped through the cracks, or as of previous couple of months you may’ve tried to come and I’ve been in the hospital or at some appointment, it’s not your fault. We have hours. Those hours need to be honored, and if they aren’t, it’s my belief that you should be given a “Thank you”, for even coming back. Expect 50% off one of your drinks. The most expensive one you decide to order. I think that is just fair. Imagine the best coffee shop ever, that was always closed. No bueno man.

understanding customer helps become best coffee shop

Knowing should lead to understanding. We hope.


  1. Thou shalt collect feedback: I can be reached via Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Google+, Instagram or the Contact Us area of the Darrin’s Coffee website or in person. I can be reached directly via all of those channels. Oh yeah, don’t be surprised in the least if I ask for feedback, and when I ask for feedback, usually I’m going to ask what could be done. Better. And if we’re not looking for feedback, (I say we because there are a couple of folks that work here now) tell us that too!


  1. Thou shalt offer worthwhile customer incentives: We built our business on friendships. With that belief in mind, I wanted a loyalty program that showcased the value placed on the friendships, and really reward our customers. Our rewards program is a “Water Mark” program. When a member of the program reaches a certain point value in the program, they are given 10/20/30 percent discounts. For life. Cool right?

darrin marion is responsible

Uphill or downhill, at Darrin’s Coffee those are one in the same.


  1. Thou shalt be front and center: This is Darrin’s Coffee and with that in mind, you the customer, should be able to see, reach, email or call directly a certain guy. Me. How could we possibly ever become the best coffee company in Indiana (for now, U.S. later), if you couldn’t get in touch with Big D?


I think the 5 Commandments at Darrin’s Coffee gives you a good reason to come check out this pretty cool, awesome coffee company in the Indianapolis area, known to knock socks off in the customer service arena. (Had to say Indianapolis, because some people think that Clermont is somewhere way out in the Boonies, but really it’s a neat place with the best coffee shop ever, in between Indianapolis and Brownsburg. Come see. I’m just sayin’.



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