Not just some coffee fundraiser.

From the very beginning, Darrin’s Coffee has been about waaaay more than just coffee. Darrin’s Coffee has never been about me. It’s so much bigger than me. I’m the only black owned coffee company in the State of Indiana. I’m a black man. I have a college education. I even have a couple of graduate degrees. And like 1 in 3 of black men in America, I have a little dust on my shoulder. And I am apologetically proud of who I am and what I represent in our society, to so many people, on so many different levels. And that’s why I decided to do this particular coffee fundraiser. But it’s a bit different

Using coffee to raise funds for coffee, what a thought.


I wanted to do a quick video to let you guys know about a couple of the new projects I have in the hopper. One, going to buy some coffee from a nonprofit, Singing Rooster all of the proceeds of the purchase go to the operations of the nonprofit. That’s a very good cause. Singing Rooster pays Haitian Coffee Farmers prices that exceed fair trade prices for crops and return 100% of proceeds from sales back to farmer communities in the form of agricultural, small businesscoffee fundraiser management, and entrepreneurial development activities. They are TRANSPARENT.

Funds for coffee. Let me show how coffee can provide funds.


In less than two weeks I am beginning an after school program to teach black boys between 5th grade and 11th grade a few skills. Skills that will build OUR FUTURE. In that program, we’re going to do some major work in Math, English and most importantly Entrepreneurship. I believe that I have a lot to offer young black men, and in an economy where unemployment for young black men is ASTRONOMICAL. if someone doesn’t show them how to get it done, who will? I can’t sit by and watch without doing a thing. I have a TON of Facebook friends, and even if you donate a SINGLE DOLLAR, you can say that you’ve done something to make a change. Now is the time. If in the next couple of weeks, only $10 has been donated, then so be it, I’m someone that once my mind is made up that I’m going to do something, I get it done.

Darrin’s Coffee has always been about more than me. This thing can be and is so much bigger and I hope you decide to be a part of the solution. If not, know that you had the opportunity to do something, and you stood back, and that is on you and your conscience. Yes, I said conscience, because it is literally that serious. This ain’t just some coffee fundraiser. Get real.

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