In spite of Darrin Marion(Me), Darrin’s Coffee still has the Best Coffee around.

Last April I was fortunate to be invited to be on IndyStyle, a local lifestyle show in Indianapolis to talk coffee, coffee terminology, what it’s like to be one of the best coffee roasters in Indiana, owning one of the best coffee shops in Indianapolis, you know in general. Funny thing, almost a year later, I was invited to be on the show again. This means a lot to me. I have a belief. I believe that if I can build my business to the point that if I am missed, then I have achieved success. I’m a bit of a romantic of sorts. Thanks again for showing love to Darrin’s Coffee Co.  Now off to a cup of Mandingo Warrior( Honestly one of my favorite types of coffee roasts out of the specialty blends that I do.)

What’s next for the second best coffee shop in Indy in 2014?

The first goal is to stay the second best coffee shop of 2014 that is still open and around in 2015! It makes me, Darrin Marion, the flawed individual feel good. No, wait a minute, it makes me feel blessed that someone thinks that we have the best coffee around.  After all of the trials and tribulations a new business encounters in the first few years of opening, receiving an invite to a tv show is a good thing. To me, it means I have taken one step closer to being missed.  Now let get after it and make sure that we’re known as the best coffee shop in Indianapolis in 2016!!!  (as I upload my photo shopped pic),