I think we need to replace the Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner meeting with a meeting at the coffee shop and this is why:

  1. Whenever meet over a meal, you feel like you have something in your teeth (at least I do). Granted, it’s rumored that coffee can stain your teeth. 
  2. Meetings over meals leave that “uncomfortable” pause (we’ve all been there).Whereas the coffee meeting
  3. When the server brings the check, there is the question as to who should pay the check (seems like I’ve been stuck with the bill ALOT!  Just kidding.. But I’ve paid for my fair share!!!) Actually at the local coffee shop you can either pay for the person you’re meeting beforehand.
  4. If the person has nothing to say, you have an easy out (Think: “ahem’, well I’ve got a place to go…”)
  5. If you are meeting a blind date, you have witnesses…  (I watch Dexter)
  6. If the conversation steps up and becomes enlightening, you can always get a refill (usually it’s free, just like the wi-fi.. which brings me to the next step)
  7. Free wi-fi and if not, it provides a wonderful opportunity to have an engaging conversation over guess what?? A great cup of coffee. due
  8. Usually,  and I mean USUALLY, the music is relaxing
  9. Caffeine makes you smarter and sexier… (Is great if you are in a business meeting or on a blind date)
  10. It’s just cool.