Sometimes, no, often times we have see two kind of people that walk in the door. We have the first group, who take a tentative step in the door, they quickly survey the room and then inquisitively ask questions about what makes Darrin’s Coffee distinct and different (often like a deer in headlights).

Shortly after we notice them, we always give them a, “Hey y’all!” only to be responded with a quick look of surprise. This group of people normally then asks about our favorite drinks. More often than not, I tell them about my favorite drink, “The Darrin”. The Darrin consists of 8 shots of espresso, 2 splendas and a healthy dollop of coconut oil.  They usually opt out, and get the drink that looks the most interesting on our board. After ordering, they usually find out they’ve had one of the best drinks of their life. We make it a point to show our new “guests” our soooper cool basement with almost twice as much seating.

Then there is the other group. They open the door, see a small, sometimes smoky room and then they walk right out.

The second group hasn’t had the chance to hear about the famous “The Darrin”(it ain’t on the menu!). They haven’t had the chance to hear us say hey what’s up or introduce ourselves as the cool cats that we are. They miss the stories about the pictures on the walls. They don’t get to ask if “The Grasshopper” has mint or not. They don’t get the chance to head down to the basement and wonder about the pennies. (You have to come by to see what I’m talking about.)

The chance of finding a special place in the most unexpected of places is zero if you never walk in. Life is too short. Take a chance, and come on in. I’m just sayin’.