Great Coffee. Quality Yoga.


No, I’m not a yoga practitioner. Yet. But… Well, let me explain. In a previous post, I spoke about how being “the coffee guy” is a lot like being the “guy that owns a pickup”. Oddly enough, I can actually check both of those boxes. MIT conducted a study, the “You are here project“, that spoke about the health of a thriving community is the local coffee shop. Knowing that Darrin’s Coffee just so happened to be a pretty cool local coffee shop in downtown Zionsville, I sort of feel that I have a responsibility to become the community hub. That can be challenging. But you know what? Baby, I love a challenge! I love great coffee and with great coffee comes great yoga. great coffee

So after doing a little bit of brainstorming, I had an idea. What if I could find a way to bring people in the community together, reward customers for coming to the shop, and to also incorporate other business owners? A program that’s well executed could really achieve some results. I read about different types of strategies that other small businesses used, so I got to work.

The advice was to look for ways to partner with other businesses with similar customers and by doing so, there’s a great opportunity to do some cross promotion. So I reached out to Mindi Epstein a/k/a “The Accidental Yogi“. Mindi owns Peace through Yoga. Mindi was awesome. She was wide open to doing anything that would serve both of our customers. We came up with a promotion that gives a free yoga class to any customer that purchases 10 of our Specialty drinks. Drinks like the Nutella Latte. Or even the M.T. Nasty. (With almond milk, the M.T. Nasty is one of a kind!)

I reached out to Lily Kessler. Lily owns Blooming Life Yoga. We threw a pretty cool concert to kick off the grand opening of her studio. It was a blast.

Every Wednesday at 9:30 to 10:30 Mr. Daniel comes to the shop and jams out playing music for kids. (Really everyone, but it somehow seems that kids love it the most.) A mom, Anne Johnson, also a yoga instructor at Simply Yoga asked about doing a deal with the early morning yoga class. Of course, we jumped all over it, and made it happen. (It’s a pretty good deal if you ask me; 30% off drinks if you tell us that you attended her class.)

I’m certainly open to doing any type of cross promotion with any of the other businesses on Main St., but I don’t know what it is about Darrin’s Coffee and yoga. Maybe we both have a laid back state of mind. Maybe we’re just open to new things. But I’m beginning to think that a positive marker of a great community is how well the great coffee shop and the yoga studio’s get along. I’m just sayin’.