The best tasting coffee… Free wi-fi. Or the best local coffee roaster nearby.

How is a coffee shop judged to be the best? Or better yet, what is the great coffee shop experience. I think it’s just a little more than just a hot cup of brown liquid, or something blended or even something with a lot of whipped cream, sugar peanut butter or Nutella and milk. It’s about a little something more. Even though I’m a coffee guy, I’ve always been a notorious night owl. This evening when I was on my way home from the shop, been roasting, I saw a beautiful moon. It made me think about the beauty of life, and what I love about running Darrin’s Coffee, easily the best coffee shop in Indianapolis.

A great coffee shop experience Sometimes it’s just easier to have that great coffee shop experience at home. Maybe?

Mrs. D and I normally spend time together around this time every evening. Normally we have some silly reflective conversation or talk about some of our funny, sad, highs and lows of the day. Stuff like that. We are a busy family, a lot like others, but we laugh, cry, and scream at each other, stuff like that. You know, sometimes we, people in general, forget that everyone has experiences. In a time when times and events we all experience intentional or not, it’s difficult to acknowledge the commonalities we all have. Usually, we all realize that fact over a cup of great coffee. I believe that at least some of the “umph” that makes that experience THAT much better, is when we can share. Does that make sense?

You know this evening I literally broke up TWO fights, with one of them including myself. Ha-ha! That was probably one of the crazier events of this evening. It’s been a wild night. As I watch this thing that happened in New York City tonight, it makes things even crazier. It’s funny, two separate places. I tell you what, totally gave me a terrible experience. Dude, all I was trying to do was buy $10 worth of gas.


Tonight was described as “the ABSOLUTE PERFECT evening” by some. And despite the craziness that’s happened tonight I can say that life in itself is absolutely beautiful. I came home, poured Mrs. D some of my Nitro Coffee, (fantastic) and prepared myself for the rest of the evening.

While the world could possibly be going nuts, our family had a typical Saturday night at the Darrin’s Coffee family abode, we had pizza and brownies. I get to sit back and do me, with my vegetarian slices, and the rest of the family, their stuff, the sausage with extra cheese. (You know what’s funny, now that makes me think Yuck!! Wild man. Wild) We’ve been playing some game that Ellen DeGeneres created. The name is called Heads Up, and here’s a link to a free copy on Amazon. It’s a pretty good game. Actually, it’s a blast. Look for a Saturday Game Night at Darrin’s Coffee.

The bottom line and point of the video is this, lately I’ve been reflecting a lot on what life itself is all about. Little things like the laugh of a child or cream in coffee to large things like the bomb in New York. I finally was able to rope Tiff into sharing a piece of our life with you guys, and I think that it’s pretty sweet. And with that note, I hope you enjoy. As a matter of fact, I know you will. Tomorrow I’ll be back at work, but today, I’m enjoying a great coffee shop experience at home. Peace.