Roasting Coffee is what again?

I was recently met with a business coach from the Indiana Small Business Development Council. It’s great meeting with someone who can give you an unbiased view of avenues, ideas, programs, etc. that are available to your company.  Iron sharpens iron.  Anyway, in my meeting, my coach, pointed out that I have a manufacturing company and Indiana needs manufacturers.   That statement hit me like the time I participated in the “Polar Bear Plunge”, put on by the Indiana Special Olympics,  a little more than “chills up my spine”.  Go home to grow home.  My contribution to Indiana’s Manufacturing Industry.  What could I do?  How can I make a difference? I roast coffee.

A WHOLE NEW SERIES of ideas, opportunities and products to offer and markets to reach came to mind.  I’ve always believed that a lot of good.  No ALOT of GREAT things can come from coffee.  Like a ton of places, Indiana has lost a lot of jobs.  Coffee done right can provide a chance to create jobs, give people a second chance, and make a TON of people smile.  Even though I import beans, the infrastructure that I need to manufacture a my product is manufactured in the good Ol’ US of A.  When I went to buy a larger roaster, there was a minimum THREE month backlog to build a new roaster.  American built roasters are quality machines. We make “stuff” very well.  Interesting fact.  If you were to combine all of the money just to supply the United States Coffee Industry would be close to the size of the GDP of  Cyprus. Funny hunh?  Makes a strong case for coffee, and a bad case for European bank havens.  Coffee gives people jobs. This is how I can make MY contribution to Indiana’s Manufacturing Industry.

But coffee gives the same impact to the countries that produce the coffee bean.  Coffee can only grow in the Tropic of Cancer.   Every cup of coffee we drink gives a farmer who lives in up in the mountains the opportunity to bring fresh water to his family.  It brings medicine to kids.  It brings a new level of education to an economy.  Relevant education is most important.  It makes no sense to teach a farmer who lives at LEAST a mile high in the tropics how to build furnaces.  It makes sense to teach that farmer how money works.  How to run his business better.

So I guess that was my long winded way of saying have a cup of coffee (preferably Darrin’s Coffee), you’re making a difference.  Like the food you buy, if you have the opportunity, buy local.  The Town of Zionsville certainly supports local.  And hopefully after they read this post they’ll see that Darrin’s Coffee Company is a manufacturer.  They have a manufacturer in town.  Go home to grow home.  My contribution to Indiana’s Manufacturing Industry.





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