Yes Darrin’s Coffee is moving, but we ain’t moving far.It’s still in Zionsville, but you have no idea how close. I want to show you exactly where we are moving, so take a brief, I mean BRIEF walk with me down to the new location at 98 S. Main.

I am super excited about not only the move but more excited about how we’re able to blend the “old” with “new” all the while taking it up a notch.

Yup, we’re going to still roast our own coffee onsite. And OF COURSE you can still pop in and grab a grasshopper anytime we’re open. But there’s going to be just a touch more available.

But did you know that we’re going to have TWO conference rooms and in both rooms there is an AppleTV and Chromecast? You’ll be able to Skype in both rooms as well.  You’ll be able to stream presentations and look like the champ you already you know you are.

Did you know we’ll have a high speed email/copy/scan capability? Did you know that we’ll have the ability to provide an address to have mail delivered, you’ll be able to read received mail online and we’ll also have lockers? (THEY WILL BE LITERALLY IN A BANK VAULT! ) Did you know that we will have phone rooms so that you can make that important business call, discreetly? We’ll also have SOOOOOPER fast web access.

Of course there’s a cost involved. There’s no commitment longer than a month, but honestly, I think you’ll be here for the long haul. And you’re going to have reduced price drinks on top of that. WOW. Yeah, we show love.

Some would call this a coworking space, but I call it a cool place to meet other people in business that you’d might not bump into on any other occasion. I’ve even been told that THIS is what coworking would’ve looked like in the 60’s and 70’s. And you better believe that there will be activities that will just happen because sometimes a community like Zionsville, actually ANY healthy community needs.

We’re committed to be the community place that happens to serve the best coffee around, and also a place where you can just get stuff done.

The Vault at Darrin’s Coffee Co,. is the new way to get plugged in. And Lord willing, we’ll be officially open on 7/1/15. Stay tuned Zionsville; coffee is about to go full on PHENOMENAL!!