I’m a TED Talk Guy. I recently watched a Ted Talk given by a gentleman named Simon Sinek. He, Simon, spoke about inspired leaders and organizations, and how, what they do, that is so drastically different. Darrin’s Coffee has always been about inspiration, about belief, about passion.  I wrote in a previous post about finding employees “With the Right Stuff”. After watching his talk, rewinding, pausing and then restarting all over again, Simon’s Golden Circle concept spoke directly to me.

His Golden Circle speaks to what all “Greats” have in common. They are able to convey the “why”.  He says,

“ By “why,” I mean: What’s your purpose? What’s your cause? What’s your belief? Why does your organization exist? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? And why should anyone care?” … if you talk about what you believe, you will attract those who believe what you believe.”

Subconsciously, that’s probably why I blog. I want you to understand why. But then I had an idea. I’d like to introduce you to some of the “family” at Darrin’s Coffee. I can be corny. I really can, But I wanted to introduce you to some of the family members with an “interview”. And maybe through this “interview”, you’ll be able to infer some of the why. So, here is the first interview with Nate, our drink Nazi. I hope this gives you some insight into our Golden Circle.


Tell the world about Nate Vignes in 6 sentences. :

Nate:  A coffee snob, wrench turning, speed demon who’s ready to take on anything thrown his way. Spends his days playing guitar and working on cars. Favorite drink is coffee with coconut oil and two shots of espresso, favorite food is freshly grilled hamburgers. Would rather live in the woods than in the city. Chain smokes and prefers to build things, rather than buy them.


Tell us about your role at Darrin’s Coffee:

Nate: I’m a barista and part-time coffee roaster. My goal is to provide the best drink I can, roast some of the highest quality coffee in the world, and provide great customer service.


Let’s talk about the design of the place. What is the most appealing about Darrin’s Coffee to you?

Nate: The most appealing thing about Darrin’s Coffee is the lack of snobbery. Walking in you feel welcomed rather than confused. Everyone there is more than willing to make sure you get a drink in your hand that you’re going to love.

Pleased to meet you at Darrin’s Coffee

If you were a brand new customer, what would you order from the menu? And why?

Nate: I’d easily recommend the MT Nasty over ice, a hot grasshopper, or our frozen strawberry lemonade. All three of those drinks are guaranteed to make your day.

This is a COMPLETELY made up word. But can you define “Trumility”?

Nate: “Trumility.” A of feeling humility from telling the truth.

What do you think makes a GREAT cup of coffee?

Nate: A great cup of coffee needs three things. 1.) Freshly roasted coffee. 2.) The correct brewing device. 3.) A spoonful of coconut oil.

The coffee needs to have been roasted 1-3 days before hand. The brewing device needs to be something that will really bring out all of the wonderful flavors, and a spoonful of coconut oil smoothies everything out and allows you to really appreciate it.

If I’m not a coffee drinker and I walk into Darrin’s Coffee, what are you going to recommend?

Nate: If you’re not a coffee drinker and you walk into Darrin’s Coffee I’m going to recommend a frozen lemonade. One of the tastiest drinks we have.

Did you have any preconceived notions about what it would be like to be a part of the Darrin’s Coffee family?

Nate: I saw a group of people that really wanted to do the right thing for the customer. I saw that they really enjoyed being there. And that they really seemed like a great group of people.

There are a lot of coffee shops out there, what makes Darrin’s Coffee distinct and different to YOU?

Nate: Darrin’s Coffee is distinct to me because they truly care about making sure the customer gets the best drink they can. It’s about making sure that when someone comes in, they walk out with some of the highest quality, freshly roast coffee, in the world. Darrin’s Coffee is a company dedicated to people, not about profit. If we get that right, the other stuff will follow.

You’ve been asked to be the featured artist for the half-time show at the Superbowl, what’s the ONE song you perform to leave your mark?

 Nate: If I had one song to perform at the Super Bowl to leave my mark it’d be Ring Of Fire by Johnny Cash.

I hope that this lets you, our Customer, into our Golden Circle, if just a tiny bit.  I’m just sayin’.