You ever have one of those days that started off feeling like a Friday, but somehow takes a left, and before you know it you’re Monday morning 8am full steam ahead? Welp. That was today.

Fortunately, I’m able to share what I love to do with that occasional hot chocolate drinker… Today’s savior was Michelle. She always asks me to make up some new variation or the hot chocolate. Today, it was the Nutella Hot Chocolate.

If there’s one good thing , something that makes ol’ Darrin happy even on the cloudiest of days. (So what if it was 70 degrees without a cloud in the sky, it felt like a storm cloud was hanging overhead in my world!!!)  I really like what I do, nah check that, I love what I do, and when there’s that occasion for me to make someone smile by sharing what I do, that can take that storm cloud right away. Darrin’s Coffee is new to Clermont, so it just happens that I get the chance to take those clouds away more often than not.

Thanks Clermont for helping me get over my case of the Mondays.