Respeck a Small Batch Coffee Roaster.

“Put some respeck on my name.” That is the most recent internet meme that’s blowing up the internet. The Breakfast Club in New York, that just “completed” what could be considered as one of the most classic (as an understatement) radio interviews in radio. The interview they conducted with Damon Dash was probably more inspirational, but the interview conducted with “Birdman” or “Baby” Williams was HILARIOUS. I can tell you as a listener, and as a follower of all things “meme”, I was almost in tears… Laughter. But what does that have to do with being a small batch coffee roaster?

It can be lonely.

His interview made me think about my experience to learn about coffee as an independent coffee roaster. Dude, I’m self taught. There is no definitive guide on how to roast coffee, well Kenneth Davids has a few publications that give guidance. I received my espresso education and gained an experience and understanding coffee roast profiles by surfing the web. Oh yeah, thank God for Sweet Maria’s!

I’m affiliated with Boot Camp Coffee. The cool thing about that affiliation will be the ability to offer some serious coffee education, and will be able to do so through an online platform!

If it weren’t for quality coffee beans!

i need coffeeHe’d been the subject of a couple questions that were asked in a few past interviews conducted by the Breakfast Club. I guess it kinda rubbed Birdman the wrong way. Darrin’s Coffee gets a lot of love on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all of the time. Generally, most of the time things that are said about me or Darrin’s Coffee rub me the right way, meaning, they make me smile. Some things may irritate, but I refuse to let negativism rub me all the way wrong. Know what I’m sayin’? We’re the Small Batch Coffee Roaster that will make coffee history!

 Are we the Best Coffee Shop in Indianapolis?Indy A List. Best Coffee Shop 2016

Today the Indy A-List voting ended for “Best Coffee Shop in Indy” 2016, two years ago, Darrin’s Coffee came in second place. I bumped into my son and daughters elementary school teacher, Mr. Stroud. In He told me that  his school year was all powered by Darrin’s Coffee.. It gives me confidence in the product when the customer tells you, your product powered their day, let alone a year!

Who are we and what do we stand for?

We are a small batch coffee roaster that works to source great beans and roast them to bring out the best flavors that they contain. We are committed to roasting, brewing and connecting. We are not the traditional “barista” or “coffee culture” shop. We don’t measure success on understanding and skill of all things coffee, we measure our success by the number of connections we’re a part of with our customers, who become friends that ultimately become family. Our passion shows through by your enjoyment.

We will continue to strive…Only to become the best small batch coffee roaster.

This micro coffee roaster, Darrin’s Coffee, pulled out a victory. Next, this roasters coffee shop will spend a lot of time showing great service, teaching coffee history and helping the world know what espresso is all about. And with that in mind… BUY ORGANIC COFFEE!!!! Oh yeah, make sure it’s Darrin’s Coffee, a great small batch coffee roaster in Indiana.



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