Yesterday was the day before Easter.  Easter in a community means one thing.  Easter egg hunts.  As a matter of fact it kicked off the first event of the year for the Zionsville Lions Club.  Now the significance of this event to me is that I recently submitted my application to become a member.  And not to offensive,but at first glance ANYONE would consider Zionsville to be a community that would exclude minorities.  Zionsville is the place that has the Bentley Dealership.  Zionsville is cobblestone streets.  Zionsville is the Vera Bradley store. Zionsville has an oyster bar.  A friend of mine coined Zionsville “vanilla”.  To most, the term “vanilla” would mean plain and exclusionary.

To me “vanilla” means something a lot different.  To me “vanilla” is family.  To me “vanilla” is safe.  To me “vanilla” is just sweet enjoyable to EVERYONE.  America is where ALL are embraced as long as they are ready to put forth the effort.  This vanilla town is the place that embraced my little roasted coffee.  This vanilla town is the place that has a Farmers Market that said “Yes” to Darrin’s Coffee.  This vanilla town listened to my suggestion to sell Haitian Blue Mountain coffee to pay for a trip to Haiti.  This vanilla town is the place where the Showchoir sold my coffee as a fundraiser.  This vanilla town is the place that invited me to make frappes and coffee for the Youth groups coffeehouse at St. A’s.  This vanilla town is the place that invited me to sell my coffee at a MYRIAD of events.  This vanilla town  is the place where my wife and I were invited to an Old Time Movie Night. This vanilla town is the place where that same oyster bar, Noah Grant’s, reached out to ME to serve my coffee.  This vanilla town is my community. This vanilla town is my home.  Thanks Zionsville.



zionsville1Glad Sparky's not at a fire hydrant.Allie is serrious about Easter Egg Hunts

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