Darrin Marion. A fan of Christmas?

I’ve never been a fan of Christmas. Well, that’s not all the way true. I loved Christmas right up to the point when I opened the biggest package, with my name on it, only to discover that I received a nice, warm, coat. Yeah. The absolute worst present to give an 8 year old boy with an affinity for “roughin’ and tumblin'” is a coat. That pretty much altered any positive memory I had about Christmas. I was pretty much resigned to celebrating Festivus. Anyway, last year I was overwhelmed, surprised and underprepared for “Christmas in Zionsville”.

darrin marion Darrin was totally unprepared.

The first Saturday after Thanksgiving, during the time that in the past has been occupied by cheering on my Beloved Grambling State University against Southern University in the Bayou Classic, the Zionsville Christmas Parade is in total “pre-game” mode. Last year, Tiffany and the kids fortunately stopped by to check on me, and I was KNEE DEEP in latte’s pushing my little Astoria espresso machine to it’s very limits! My heart STILL skips a couple of beats at the thought.  Man, it was tough, but we did it. That parade is how we know it is officially Christmas in Zionsville. Sold a fair share of whole bean coffee.  Some call it Christmas in the Village, but I say it’s bigger than The Village. It’s an entire town kinda’ thang.

Darrin’s Coffee is located directly across the street from the Santa Claus house. To be honest, you can see only so many happy families creating new memories riding the trolley’s, kiddos riding the Santa Train, and witnessing the joy of a child riding in a carriage for the first time  can quickly fade the memory of the infamous “Christmas Coat”.

I, Darrin Marion can now say I’ve kinda embraced Christmas.

Christmas in Zionsville has somehow managed to accomplish what 14 years of marriage to a self-proclaimed Christmas junkie, my wife, could not. Now, I find myself humming Christmas Carols, being a tad less cantankerous and I even made up a few different holiday drinks!

Christmas in Zionsville, as what can be seen in the video below, has made a December softie out of me. I’m just sayin’!