America’s Best Place for Coffee

The Best Coffee in Indiana. Period.

Established in 2010.

We started in the kitchen, then to the Farmers Market, then a couple of cool coffee shops. Now the next phase of Darrin’s Coffee is all about online. We’ve grown a pretty strong online following! All of our customers are built out of the friendships we make on a daily basis. Come on out and see how. At Darrin’s Coffee we pride ourselves on being voted as #1 Coffee Shop on the Indy A List, and we’re shooting to become the Best Coffee Roaster in Indiana. It’ll happen soon! But for now, we’ll settle for the Best Indianapolis Coffee Shop!

Having a great time hitting the dab making a dirty nasty at Darrin's Coffee in Clermont the Best Indianapolis Coffee Shop in Indiana

What makes us different from the other Indianapolis Coffee Companies?

Every day at Darrin’s Coffee, we have a great time, spread nothing but love all over our customers and most important, we love every second of what we do!

Proudly African American Owned, we consistently hold our own against some of the best coffee roasters in America. Even though we are not the “typical” coffee guys with all of the contraptions, short vests, and a condescending attitude. We are serious about offering the best dang cup of coffee that you’ve ever had. Period.

To be serious, we are a very capable coffee company, please take a look at our capabilities statement. You’d be surprised, Darrin’s Coffee is more than just a “coffee shop”.

Not just cool. Really Cool

Literally one of the Coolest Indianapolis Coffee Shops, we are also one of Indiana’s Coolest Coffee Shops

Specialties and what we offer.

Our business specializes in fresh roasted organic coffee, coffee gear for coffee lovers, home coffee roasting equipment and green coffee beans for home roasters.