What makes a smoothie good?Smoothie

There’s a fine line between a good (healthy) smoothie and a good tasting (almost a milkshake) smoothie. In my quest to bring a great tasting as well as a drink that is good for you, I’ve played and experimented with a number of various recipes and mixtures. After an exhaustive number of smoothies made at Darrin’s Coffee, I created a recipe made with ingredients in a crunch. The finished product was/is a pretty awesome smoothie, if I say so myself.


A smoothie made with real fruit?

Something that hasn’t set well with me are the options available, most often is the “syrup” additive. It’s been my experience that the average smoothie drinker is fairly health conscious. Actually the American Nutraceutical Association says that the average smoothie drinker would be ladies between the ages of 25-45 years old. I feel confident that this consumer wouldn’t be a fan of drinking a big cup of ice, whole milk and sugar. Nope. Enter Cool Suppliers.


cool suppliers smoothieCool Suppliers Real Fruit Smoothies

A friend of mine, Carol Wellman, is the local supplier of Cool Suppliers Icey’s. I’m very sensitive to sugar and I have a milk allergy, so needless to say, most frozen things are out of my league. When Carol came into my shop  and offered a few samples, I fell in love immediately. They are peanut-free, gluten-free, low sugar, made with real fruit and dairy free. In my quest to make come up with the perfect smoothie, that’s actually healthy and tastes good as well, I’ve used a mix of yogurts, fruit and syrup or some other mix. About a month ago, I ran completely out of syrup and fruit and it was about 95 degrees outside. I had about 10 smoothie orders in a row, and necessity is the mother of invention, so I grabbed a Cool Suppliers Icey, and VOILA! The end result was the new Darrin’s Coffee Smoothie. Take a gander at the video below, and yes, those customers had never tried one of the Darrin’s Coffee Smoothies made with Cool Suppliers Icey’s before. Take a look at this awesome smoothie made by yours truly.



Cool Suppliers Icey (Any flavor)