Mandingo Warrior | Dark Roast Coffee




A Dark Roast Coffee to Prepare You for Battle

If you love a robust dark roast coffee, Mandingo Warrior Coffee Blend is the perfect brew for you. I wanted to create a dark roast that the medium roast coffee drinker would also love. My wife named this coffee after her first morning cup.

Regions of the blend?dark roast coffee beans

Well, to be honest, the first question my wife asked after her first cup, is where did this blend come from. It just happens all of the origin countries have a strong warrior culture. Like the name, this is a rich, dark, bold blend which has hints of rich dark chocolate notes with a complex cosmopolitan flavor that both begin and end well. Glad that it is an organic specialty coffee blend that you can purchase online.

The dark roast coffee with a touch of surprise.

Because of the darkness of the roast which is dark, but not too much. If you’re looking for something a touch darker, check at Moor.), it exposes a number of unexpected and surprising notes, which is why Mandingo Warrior is my FAVORITE dark roast coffee blend, its full of surprises. And if that description isn’t enough to influence you. My wife named the blend. Enough said.


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Weight 12 oz