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A Medium Roast Coffee.

My signature medium roast coffee, Darrin’s Iron Roast, is a mix of several Central and South American coffee’s. This is easily one of the best medium bodied roasts with a smooth balanced taste that can be purchased online. Darrin’s Iron Roast is a perfect medium-bodied cup. The signature blend is a medium roast with a blend of Direct Trade, Organic Certified beans. Dude, I can’t say it enough. Iron Roast is good.medium roast coffee

Sometimes the choice between Dark Roast or Medium Roast Coffee Beans is difficult to make. There can be a lot of confusion about the various qualities of roasted coffee beans. Should you buy a dark roast or a medium roast?

The Medium Roast Coffee Difference.

Medium roasted coffees are medium brown in color with a touch more body than light roasts. Like the lighter roasts, they have no oil on the bean. And depending on the region, there may be a touch more acidity. Generally lighter roasts have more caffeine, and they also have a bit more mass appeal.

Why try a medium roast coffee first?

I wanted to perfect a coffee that I would be proud to say, this is MY coffee. Every coffee bean roasts a bit differently but there is a great deal of averaging that occurs .The end product was a solid blend, with a wonderful floral aroma, fruity acidity, a touch of honey with a cocoa finish. Let’s say this, Darrin’s Iron Roast is a medium full body coffee that reminds you of Sunday morning. To me, there’s no better time of the week. Ah, Sunday morning. Seize the opportunity to buy the best medium roast, medium bodied coffee online. I’m just sayin’,

How did Iron Roast get it’s name. At first I just called it Darrin’s

When I first started roasting, or better yet, my first half-cocked step out into the world of coffee roasting, I tried it out using a cast iron skillet and a whisk. In doing my “re-branding” (really just getting my marketing game together) my friend Ryan, suggested I change the name of my Signature coffee to, Darrin’s Iron Roast.

Me being the sensitive to coffee terminology, immediately pushed back , “It’s not called that! You’re saying it wrong!.” That’s when it hit me. The reason why I wanted to do my own thing was to make coffee that everyone could enjoy. Say the name right or wrong. Terminology confusion or not. Darrin’s Iron Roast is the coffee that EVERYONE should be able to enjoy. Because I feel so strongly about everyone enjoying good coffee, Darrin’s Iron Roast is comprised of what some would consider “pricey” beans. Why? Because, everyone deserves to drink great coffee.


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