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Decaffeinated Coffee

Unleaded Fuel is what I call Decaffeinated Coffee. Why? Indianapolis is home to the greatest spectacle in racing. The Indy 500. Racing, fuel, coffee… Get it? My version of decaf allows those who are “faint of heart” (no pun intended) the opportunity to taste excellence as either a drip coffee or as an espresso.

Decaffeinated Coffee Creator

Ludwig Roselius

But with all seriousness, (let me put on my nerd hat) the process to commercialize the decaffeination process was patented by a dude named Ludwig Roselius in 1905. People were soo stressed, they were ready for decaf, and would do ANYTHING! His method, called the Roselius Method, used benzene, a toxic hydrocarbon, to remove caffeine from pre-moistened, green coffee beans.

The direct solvent method uses methylene chloride, coffee oil or ethyl acetate to dissolve the caffeine and extract it from the coffee. Doesn’t sound anywhere close to being safe! Inasmuch that methylene chloride is known to be used for paint thinner, I’d reason that, the chemical probably isn’t one that you’ want to add to your coffee.

Darrin’s Coffee Co. has a commitment to sell organic coffee. (Hey I have kids!) I source my decaf that’s been processed using the Swiss Water Process also known as SWP. (I still have my nerd hat on) SWP uses water and green coffee extract which circulates around the coffee beans. Fun fact: Oils in the coffee extract accelerate the process. After the beans are dried, they are passed through sucrose treated charcoal to absorb the caffeine. The sugar helps absorb caffeine without removing the stuff that gives the coffee its flavor. Just like it sounds, the SWP is natural. It removes 94 to 96 percent of the caffeine. I want you to drink decaf that won’t kill you! So drink up!

I want you to drink decaf that won’t kill you! So drink up!