The Bum Roast a/k/a The Coffee for Achievement Challenged




No one wants a bum. No one wants to be one either.

The word BUM has a pretty bad connotation, as well it should. No one really wants to know this unsavory character. This coffee blend is for the achievement challenged. If your goal is to be a selfish, angry, or just plain mean person that really has no goal to live a life with purpose or with meaning. Please buy this coffee!

There are some “men” that really are not good people at all, just really low, scum of the Earth. That is why I created this roast. They drink a coffee blend that is of low grade, cheap, and even sometimes they will even reuse grounds. Funds from the proceeds of the roast are going to buy school supplies as well as providing after-school meal programs. Even erasers to eliminate all of the negative effects that some people create.

There are some people that are bigoted, loudmouthed, foulmouthed of low aspirations and accomplishments. I created this roast as a sort of social program. This is the coffee blend that can work to achieve good. Darrin’s Coffee is all about turning the negative situation into something good. No matter what kind of coffee that we produce at Darrin’s Coffee, we will make certain that even the regular commercial-grade coffee, is still pretty good. That’s the beauty of the Bum Roast. We can make bad coffee taste good. You’ve heard the difference between Specialty Coffee and the Other Stuff.

The Bum Roast. It’s a bit bitter. Not a lot of caffeine. I can add more caffeine if you’d like, however, I can say that pure caffeine is bitter. It’ll make the coffee taste even worse. Doesn’t do much for you but costs money. If you want to buy it, I am giving you a heads up. THIS IS NOT SPECIALTY GRADE COFFEE. But, it’s still good. I don’t roast commercial-grade coffee. But this is the coffee for the everyday, office coffee drinking cat.