Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu | Light/Medium Coffee



Single Origin Costa Rica

Floral and sweet like honey. A nice medium bodied, smooth & creamy cup of coffee with a lower acidity. It starts with a crisp darker chocolate note, hints of a soft fruit note, and finishes with a pleasantly surprising spiciness. A savory cup of coffee with wonderful complexities.

Dota, or Santa Maria de Dota, is a micro climate within the legendary Tarrazu region in Costa Rica and where this Dota Estate Organic is farmed.

Tarrazu is known as one of the three finest coffee regions in the planet, and is so highly regarded by the coffee connoisseurs that people tend to overlook the small, lesser known Dota micro-climate and the exceptional coffee it produces.

The Dota Estate Organic is superb coffee. Whether you want to consider it a Dota Estate or a Tarrazu Estate, this product is a labor of love and a testimony to the dedication of the family in Costa Rica.