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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. One of a kind.

Ethiopia is believed to be the birthplace of coffee, and like other countries in East Africa, coffee EVERYTHING. Coffee in Ethiopia is more than just a bean, it’s a source of national pride. Making coffee in Ethiopia is literally ceremonial. There is no doubt that coffee’s origin is Ethiopia.

How does Ethiopian Yirgacheffe taste?

The sweet flavors and aromas of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee are its strongest asset along with a medium to light body. Light fruit like a melon upfront, floral with hints of lemon grass and a nice chocolate undertone would be a great description of this coffee. This coffee is wet processed. This produces a coffee with a higher acidity than a dry processed coffee and the wet processed coffee will tend to be much cleaner and have floral and winey flavor.

The first coffee bean I ever tried to perfect roasting was Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. The first $20 earned by Darrin’s Coffee was made from some pretty fantastic Yirgacheffe. My dearly departed friend, Craig Andler and myself would meet every couple of weeks to drink a French Press of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.

My friend wanted and had been unable to locate a great source here in Indy. I had to make it happen. I’m proud of the results. So here’s to you Craig…


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