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Haitian Coffee -Mare Blanche

At one point in time, Haiti was one of the largest coffee producing countries in the world. We have long been a champion of Haiti’s small coffee producers. Darrin’s Coffee has partnered with Haitian coffee famers to  offer coffee drinkers an opportunity to directly support vulnerable farmers, help reforest Haiti, and build rural economies, with the one simple act of drinking Haitian coffee.

70% of Haitians are unemployed, so in turn sustainable jobs are required for autonomy. Haiti’s potential as a self-sustaining country rests, in part with economic development. What does REAL economic development look like? It’s job creation, product improvement or design, and opening up international markets for Haitian coffee.

We sell Haitian coffee because it’s a win-win: it supports Haiti’s economy AND w’re raising money for (clean water, books, medicine, food). We buy coffee from a wonderful nonprofit doing great work in Haiti who exceeds principles of fair trade.use proceeds to help farmers with agriculture improvements, business management, and replanting Haiti’s deforested lands with tens of thousands of coffee

About the Haitian Coffee

Haitian Coffee – Mare Blanche won the 2015 Cup of Excellence with good reason:  when roasted to a medium dark roast, Mare Blanche has a chocolate cherry flavor that is fantastic as a single origin daily brew or is a velvety espresso for those espresso drinkers.

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Weight 12 oz